For Newbies

The real beauty of home schooling is in how it allows the freedom to tailor your approach to education to fit your child’s individual wants and needs.  It can be a wonderful experience for both your child and for yourself.  But it is definitely not always easy!  It can sometimes feel overwhelming as you are suddenly faced with so many choices and learning styles, you might be dealing with the concerns and negative opinions of others (here is a handy print-out to help you deal with that: HE Dispelling the Myths leaflet), or you might just feel a bit anxious or lonely as you start your journey.  Here are few words of wisdom from some real home educating parents to help you through some of the more challenging times:

Just remember that you are not alone!  We all have wobble moments and there will always be others who have been through the same.  When you are finding it tough then go along to a meet-up or share your worries in one of the local Facebook groups (see Community page), there is a wealth of support available and our community really is a lovely one!