Welcome to the Cambridgeshire Home Education page, a site that aims to bring members of the home educating community in Cambridgeshire together.  If you’re new to home educating then this is a good place to start!

Home education has become increasingly popular and there are now many regular activities and meet-ups to cater for all ages and interests.  Social networking has made meeting other home educators and getting together easier than ever.  Whatever your interests or learning style, with hundreds of families in the region choosing to leave conventional education in favour of home schooling you are soon bound to find others to share your journey with.


HE Dispelling the Myths leaflet – This leaflet may be of use to you if you or someone you know is just starting out on their home educating journey.  It’s also great for giving to any friends or relatives who might have expressed worries about socialisation etc.  It is a double-sided A4 print-out which aims to alleviate concerns about some of the most common myths surrounding home education.